Zack deangelis founder of tree journey
Zack DeAngelis, Founder of Tree Journey
1. Why I Started Tree Journey

Well, this is it! Thanks for reading. I’m Zack DeAngelis, the creator of Tree Journey. People usually say thanks at the END of their paragraph, but we’re already this deep in so we’re going to leave it.

I grew up in an area of Upstate, NY, where three things are ultra common; apples, wildlife, and trees. At our family property in New York, we have over 35 types of trees residing in the surrounding woodland, in addition to a 1.5 acre bass pond built by my Mother and Father.

I started Tree Journey from my love of trees, where I wanted to help others and their families gain a joy for the outdoors the same ways that I did growing up. This is my second brand I started after beginning my first brand, Pest Pointers, where I use my similar experience in dealing with wildlife and pest issues at home.

2. Media Mentions

Since starting Tree Journey, the brand or myself have been referenced in multiple national outlets such as…

3. Living With Trees

Forest behind house

This shot above is the backyard of our family home. The big empty field get hayed each year, where the hay goes to feed local farmers livestock.

To be quite honest, just growing up back here has given me such an aspiration for loving nature and all things trees.

Trees are quite beautiful, and last hundreds, and hundreds of years. It’s a blessing to be able to get up and look outside at nature each and every day.

Our family dog, Vito, loves to run the fields and more importantly, the trails that have been bushwhacked by the tractor in the woods.

4. My Firewood Journey

In the early days of the house, my parents installed a wood furnace to heat the home, as it’s more natural and efficient than burning gas. Growing up, my dad and I would roam the woods and look for trees that were well beyond their best years.

We’d chop them down, load the large logs up on our rickety old wood trailer, and take them back to the wood stove where we’d break out the wood splitter we borrowed from grandpa and get to work.

Lots of sweat, sweat flies, and splinters there.

Firewood pile outside home

5. Types of Trees In Our Yard

Okay, REALLY getting into it here. Below is a full list of the trees on our property, complete with a whole bunch of pictures for your viewing pleasure. So, without further ado!

1. Ash Tree

2. Beech Tree

3. Black Walnut Tree

4. Hickory Tree (Smooth Bark + Shag Bark)

5. Poplar Tree

6. Cottonwood Tree

7. Choke Cherry Tree

Choke cherry tree

8. Weeping Cherry Tree

Weeping cherry tree

9. Elm Tree

10. Black Birch Tree

11. Red Bird Tree

12. Magnolia Tree

Magnolia tree.

13. Tulip Tree

Tulip tree

14. Sycamore Tree

Sycamore tree

15. Chestnut Tree

Chestnut tree

16. Pin Oak Tree

Pin oak tree

17. Red Oak Tree

18. White Oak Tree

White oak tree

19. Douglass Fur Tree

20. Pine Tree

21. Blue Spruce Tree

Blue spruce tree

22. Organic Apple Tree

23. American Redbud Tree

24. Willow Tree

25. Sassafras Tree

26. Crab Apple Tree

Crab apple tree

27. Butterfly Magnolia Tree

28. Linden Oak Tree

Linden oak tree

28. Golden Chain Tree

29. Flowering Pear Tree

Flowering pear tree

30. Red Plum Tree

Red plum tree

31. American Red Bud Tree

32. Arborvitae Tree

33. Japanese Maple

Japanese maple tree

34. Dogwood Tree

Dogwood tree

35. Evergreen Tree

Evergreen tree

36. Maple Tree

Maple tree