5 trees that produce maple syrup (and how to tap them)

5 Trees That Produce Maple Syrup (And How To Tap Them)

Maple syrup, molasses, treacle, pancake syrup; whatever you may refer to this product as maple syrup is a widely beloved addition to many dishes across North America. The sweet flavor is delicious without being too thick and sugary, making this a staple in many households. Maple syrup is made from the sap of a maple…

8 differences between black walnut trees and walnut trees

8 Differences Between Black Walnut Trees and Walnut Trees

Today we’re talking about the differences between black walnut trees and walnut trees! Keep reading, we’ve got a list of differences between these two trees that you’ll want to know. The walnut that we usually enjoy eating today is called the English walnut from the English walnut tree. However, there is a walnut tree found…

9 differences between aspen and quaking aspen trees

9 Differences Between Aspen And Quaking Aspen Trees

When you think of an aspen tree, you are most likely thinking of a tall, white-barked, slender tree that has golden-yellow leaves in the fall. This is a Quaking Aspen. But did you know there is another, less-well-known aspen tree growing in North America? The quaking aspen and bigtooth aspen are the two types of…

9 amazing differences between eucalyptus and gum trees

9 Amazing Differences Between Eucalyptus And Gum Trees

Some gum trees are eucalyptus trees, and some eucalyptus trees are gum trees, but not all gum trees are eucalyptus trees. Hah! Confused yet? Both eucalyptus and most gum trees are native to Australia, but nowadays they are also grown in the U.S. because of their valuable properties for fuel, pulp, paper, and oils. So,…