6 best fruit trees that have shallow roots: identification guide
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6 Best Fruit Trees That Have Shallow Roots: Identification Guide

In recent times, more and more people have been interested in being more self-sufficient and healthy with their food. In most cases, this means looking into types of fruit trees that are easy to grow and will produce lots of delicious food. In addition, most people also want to look for fruit trees that are easy…

Should you plant an oak tree in your backyard? Pros & cons

Should You Plant An Oak Tree in Your Backyard? Pros & Cons

Oak trees are some of the most beautiful and most common trees that are grown throughout the United States. So vast, so beautiful, and truly a symbol of strength and endurance, oak trees are not known specifically for their size but are sure enough to always make a statement. In truth, oak trees should be planted anywhere…

What to do with pine trees? 21 pine wood uses

What To Do With Pine Trees? 21 Pine Wood Uses

Pine trees are one of the most absolutely beautiful wonders of nature on the planet. Even better, they grow quite well in many environments and are readily available for many uses. The wood has properties allowing it to be resistant to elements often found within nature.! Pine trees are fantastic growing trees in the spruce…

How many walnuts grow on a tree? Full walnut timeline

How Many Walnuts Grow On A Tree? Full Walnut Timeline

Walnut trees, most commonly English and black walnuts in the United States, are used most often for their nut production and sometimes timber. But how many walnuts grow on a tree each year? On average, a mature walnut tree produces 50 to 80 pounds of unshelled nuts every year. Many species of walnut tree will…

6 simple steps to make your blue spruce tree more blue

6 Simple Steps To Make Your Blue Spruce Tree More Blue

Blue spruce trees are beautiful evergreen trees with a tint of blue to their needles. Some trees look bluer than others which is the result of primarily tree maintenance and fertilizer. What steps can you take to make your blue spruce look more vibrant and blue?  In general, positioning your blue spruce in full sun…

9 trees that can damage your foundation (& how to fix)
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9 Trees That Can Damage Your Foundation (& How To Fix)

Nothing makes a hike in the woods or a walk in the park quite as nice as the beautiful landscape dotted with towering trees. Trees provide us with shade, oxygen, air purification, and they’re just nice to look at, especially in the fall! But, what we might not realize is that much of the tree…

11 plants to put under your aspen tree (& how to plant them)
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11 Plants To Put Under Your Aspen Tree (& How To Plant Them)

As you begin to plant and take care of your trees, it may become apparent that they look weak or even bare underneath. In most cases, this is often how it appears because the soil below is bare. With this comes the question, “What plants can I put under my aspen tree?”  Some of the…

Top 5 trees most likely to get struck by lightning
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Top 5 Trees Most Likely to Get Struck by Lightning

Lightning stuns us into silence. It is a powerful force of nature that can have different effects on the environment. It can provide nitrogen for the soil, and it can shatter trees into splintery pieces. So, which trees are most likely to get struck by lightning? In truth, tall trees like pine and oak trees…

9 differences between bald cypress and pond cypress trees

9 Differences Between Bald Cypress And Pond Cypress Trees

If you’ve ever been to a swampy region of the southeastern United States, you’ve probably seen a bald cypress or pond cypress tree. They’re pretty unforgettable with their strange base of many root-like structures that appear to prop the rest of the tree above the water. The bald and pond cypress are closely related but…