10 fastest growing christmas trees (how to grow your own! )

10 Fastest Growing Christmas Trees (How To Grow Your Own!)

Let’s be honest, the artificial Christmas tree just doesn’t cut it anymore and that’s why you’re here. Although I couldn’t be more proud that you’ve decided to bring nature indoors this holiday, growing a Christmas tree takes time and an abundance of care. Evergreens used for Christmas trees can take anywhere from 5 to 12…

9 reasons your maple tree leaves are turning brown

9 Reasons Your Maple Tree Leaves Are Turning Brown

You planted a maple tree in your landscape because of the shade it provides, and the beautiful fall colors. Possibly it was there when you bought the house, but now your maple’s leaves are turning brown. Assuming it’s not the autumn season, you want to know why the leaves have started turning that nasty shade…

Why your spruce tree is turning red (and how to fix it)

Why Your Spruce Tree Is Turning Red (And How To Fix It)

Spruce trees are known for their year-round color, as they are part of the evergreen family of trees. Although these hardy trees typically keep a varying shade of green every season, you may notice some needles beginning to turn red. Why do spruce trees turn red? The important thing to note is that it is…

Here’s when maple trees produce sap (and how much they produce)
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Here’s When Maple Trees Produce Sap (And How Much They Produce)

All maple trees produce sap, but usually when we’re talking about the maple that produces sap that eventually turns into syrup, we’re talking about the sugar maple (Acer Saccharum). Earning its name from the sweet sap it produces, the Sugar Maple is an American northeastern and Canadian native, and it’s so popular and pleasing to…

4 reasons why avocados grow best in full sun

4 Reasons Why Avocados Grow Best In Full Sun

Why do avocado trees grow best in full sun? The simple answer is that these fruit trees are accustomed to warm and sunny climates, but there are also several reasons why you should make sure your avocado trees get enough sun.  Avocado trees grown in full sun are often healthier, experience better growth, produce better…

5 best places to plant an apple tree (and how to do it)

5 Best Places To Plant An Apple Tree (And How To Do It)

Apple trees are some of the best trees to plant near your home for several reasons. For instance, they have lovely leaves that change color in the fall and are usually very hardy trees that work well in several climates. And, of course, they produce delicious apples every year! If you want to plant an…

7 best places to plant a cherry tree (and how to do it)

7 Best Places To Plant A Cherry Tree (And How To Do It)

Cherry trees make a great addition to any landscape. These hardy little trees offer shade, windbreaks, delicious fruit, and exceptional beauty. That said, you can’t simply plant a cherry tree wherever you like without considering a few factors first. So, where are the best places to plant a cherry tree? You can plant a cherry tree…