6 reasons why peach trees grow best in full sun

6 Reasons Why Peach Trees Grow Best In Full Sun

Peach trees are known for producing yummy fruit, being great trees for aesthetic purposes, and growing well. When you decide whether a peach tree is for you, though, you should consider how much sunlight your area receives, as that will ultimately tell you whether you can sustain this type of tree and reap its benefits….

Why spruce trees need more sun than shade (growing tips)

Why Spruce Trees Need More Sun Than Shade (Growing Tips)

Spruce trees are an all-season favorite, whether you have just one in your yard, or you’re growing a landscape full of spruces. Of course, these trees need the proper conditions to really thrive. And thus, we come to the question of their sunlight requirements. Simply put, it’s best to give spruce trees full sun. That…

How much sunlight do pine trees need? 5 planting tips!

How Much Sunlight Do Pine Trees Need? 5 Planting Tips!

On account of both their longevity and the wide variety of species there are to choose from, pine trees are a popular landscaping choice for many homeowners. They’re useful for not only adding shade and windbreaks, but can also help the local ecosystem by adding food and shelter for wild birds and small mammals. That…

6 best plants to plant under your birch tree

6 Best Plants To Plant Under Your Birch Tree

Typically found in the Northern Hemisphere, birch trees are ornamental tall, slender, and beautiful-looking trees that can add immense beauty to any landscape. One of the biggest reasons Birch trees are chosen as landscape trees you may ask? Well, they’re paper-thin and sometimes used for shredding bark! Birch trees are a great addition to your…

Cashmere christmas tree: what is it and where do you get one?

Cashmere Christmas Tree: What Is It And Where Do You Get One?

Every year the Christmas holidays seem to sneak upon us. We vow that next year will be different but Thanksgiving occurs and the next thing you know, the race is on. Every year, millions of real trees are purchased by eager shoppers. But, how would you like to have a cashmere Christmas tree that looks…

9 tips for watering your spruce tree (and when to do it)

9 Tips For Watering Your Spruce Tree (And When To Do It)

With their tall pyramid shape and blue-green needles that stick around all year, spruce trees make for a lovely landscape piece. To keep your spruce tree happy and healthy, you’ll want to make sure you’re giving it enough water to avoid putting stress on the tree. Young and newly planted spruce trees require more water…

5 reasons to cut down your ash tree (and when to do it)

5 Reasons To Cut Down Your Ash Tree (And When To Do It)

Ash trees are beautiful, and they are beneficial additions to most yards, streets, parks, and other areas outside their native forests. Ash trees in particular provide a great deal of shade, lovely green foliage, flowers in the spring, and yellow leaves in the fall. But sometimes there are factors that necessitate cutting down an ash…

Why your apple tree needs full sun (and where to plant it)

Why Your Apple Tree Needs Full Sun (And Where To Plant It)

Apple trees can make a wonderful addition to any yard or garden. They look great, they provide shade, and, perhaps most importantly, they grow delicious apples! If you have been thinking about planting an apple tree, you might have wondered whether you should plant it in a place with lots of sunlight or with some…