4 most common places where orange trees grow

4 Most Common Places Where Orange Trees Grow

Oranges are one of the most popular fruits in the world, and that’s no surprise because they’re great for many reasons. They’re deliciously juicy, great for snacking, and have fantastic health benefits! If you’re interested in growing your own oranges – we don’t blame you, we want to as well, there are some common places…

Why maple trees need so much water (and when to water them)

Why Maple Trees Need So Much Water (And When To Water Them)

Maple trees are a classic tree in the United States, particularly in the northeast region. They are easy to grow, provide wonderful shade, and produce brilliant and beautiful fall foliage that is famous worldwide. Caring for a maple tree can be easy in the right environment, but if you do not live in the right…

6 reasons why cherry trees grow best in full sun

6 Reasons Why Cherry Trees Grow Best In Full Sun

Cherry trees have amazing blooms and delicious fruit, making them an excellent choice to plant in the yard. When choosing a place to plant a cherry tree in your yard, it’s important to take into consideration how much sunlight the area gets, as cherry trees do best in full sun conditions. Cherry trees grow best…

How to get a japanese maple to thrive in full sun

How To Get A Japanese Maple To Thrive In Full Sun

Most gardeners and arborists recommend that Japanese maples be planted in what is often referred to as “dappled sunlight” or partial shade. Some recommendations even give different sunlight guidelines for parts of the country, such as full sun in some states and shade in others.   Japanese maple trees thrive best in partial shade –…

Full tulip tree timeline (how long they take to grow)

Full Tulip Tree Timeline (How Long They Take To Grow)

A tulip tree (sometimes called a yellow poplar or tulip poplar) can make a tall and beautiful addition to any garden. With proper care, this towering tree can live for centuries, producing beautiful blooms year after year. But just what is a tulip tree timeline? A tulip tree’s life cycle has several stages. It starts…

4 reasons to water your pine tree during the winter

4 Reasons To Water Your Pine Tree During The Winter

Pine trees are a beauty in any landscape and any season. They’re also evergreens, which means you can count on some natural color year round, whether you’re in the height of summer or the peak of winter. While they’re known for being fairly hardy trees, pine trees still need some special care, especially in the…

Why linden trees are so messy (and what to plant instead)

Why Linden Trees Are So Messy (And What To Plant Instead)

Linden trees are gorgeous, pyramidal-shaped, sap-filled trees that have been cultivated for centuries for their wood and flowers. But linden trees are notably messy! Despite popular belief, linden trees aren’t responsible for their mess, can you guess what is? Linden trees are so messy because of aphids! Linden flowers secrete a substance that attracts aphids,…