9 trees that can damage your foundation (& how to fix)
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9 Trees That Can Damage Your Foundation (& How To Fix)

Nothing makes a hike in the woods or a walk in the park quite as nice as the beautiful landscape dotted with towering trees. Trees provide us with shade, oxygen, air purification, and they’re just nice to look at, especially in the fall! But, what we might not realize is that much of the tree…

14 dirtiest & messiest trees to not plant in your yard
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14 Dirtiest & Messiest Trees To Not Plant In Your Yard

Chances are, you do not enjoy raking your yard (who does?) So when planning your landscaping, research trees that produce a lower mess. Trees that produce less mess are important for you as you will not be raking, cleaning pollen off your car, or cleaning your gutters often. In truth, the dirtiest and messiest trees…

Best trees for maple syrup (how to identify and find)
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Best Trees For Maple Syrup (How To Identify And Find)

Tapping trees for maple syrup is a fun early spring activity. Many different kinds of trees can be tapped for maple syrup. In fact, any deciduous tree can be tapped for syrup. However, some trees produce better quality sap than others. Let’s go over the best trees to tap for delicious maple syrup! Some of…

12 fastest growing shade trees for small yards

12 Fastest Growing Shade Trees For Small Yards

Today we’re talking about the fastest growing shade trees for your small yard; whether you’re familiar with landscaping or not, we’ve got a list to transform your small, shady yard! In truth, there are several shade tree varieties that grow the fastest. The saucer magnolia, sweetbay magnolia, flowering dogwood, American redbud, emerald green arborvitae, paper…

5 best maple tree fertilizers (and how to use them)

5 Best Maple Tree Fertilizers (And How To Use Them)

Growing trees (especially maple trees) can be a difficult task, especially since many of them can encounter problems with things such as nutrients. As nutrient problems arise, you can often begin to see your tree slow down or grow weaker. With this arises the question, “What fertilizer is best for my maple tree?”  The best…

4 ways that trees survive the winter (and how they do it)
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4 Ways That Trees Survive The Winter (And How They Do It)

As you’ve probably seen at some point in your life, trees do not disappear in the same way that flowers or flora might in the winter. They may lose their leaves, but there is a chance that does not even happen if the tree is an evergreen. So, how do deciduous trees survive the winter?…

Trees that have acorns & what to do with them [picture guide]
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Trees That Have Acorns & What To Do With Them [Picture Guide]

Acorns are one of the most iconic nuts produced by a tree. They can be found almost anywhere in North America. If you’ve found an acorn, or maybe a whole bunch of them, you may be wondering which tree it came from and what you can do with it? Acorns are only produced by oak…

Oak tree vs maple tree: 4 major leaf and bark differences
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Oak Tree vs Maple Tree: 4 Major Leaf and Bark Differences

Oak trees and maple trees. What comes to mind when you hear these words? Maybe it is the sticky syrup that pairs perfectly with a pancake, or the acorns that squirrels love to snatch up. In general, oak and maple trees can be determined by their leaves. White oak tree leaves usually have a rounded…