5 best soils for pine trees in containers (and how to use them)

5 Best Soils for Pine Trees in Containers (And How to Use Them)

In recent times, keeping trees and large plants in pots has been becoming more and more popular. On top of being decorative, they can make large plants more manageable, mobile, or even easier to water and fertilizer. With this comes the question, “what soils are best to use with my potted pine trees?”  In truth,…

5 reasons why your pine tree isn’t growing (& how to fix)

5 Reasons Why Your Pine Tree Isn’t Growing (& How To Fix)

Growing a tree to full maturity is one of the hardest things to do. They are sensitive, they have lots of care requirements, and most of all, so many things that are out of your control can impact them, such as diseases or storms.  In truth, pine trees generally thrive in acidic, dry, and well-drained…

4 ways that trees survive the winter (and how they do it)
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4 Ways That Trees Survive The Winter (And How They Do It)

As you’ve probably seen at some point in your life, trees do not disappear in the same way that flowers or flora might in the winter. They may lose their leaves, but there is a chance that does not even happen if the tree is an evergreen. So, how do deciduous trees survive the winter?…

6 different trees that keep their leaves all year

6 Different Trees That Keep Their Leaves All Year

Although the changing of seasons is an expected and yearly occasion in many areas, it can be refreshing that not all trees lose their leaves in the cold winter months. There are certain trees that keep their foliage, which will remain green, all year round.  Trees known as evergreens keep their leaves, called needles, all…

Trees that have acorns & what to do with them [picture guide]
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Trees That Have Acorns & What To Do With Them [Picture Guide]

Acorns are one of the most iconic nuts produced by a tree. They can be found almost anywhere in North America. If you’ve found an acorn, or maybe a whole bunch of them, you may be wondering which tree it came from and what you can do with it? Acorns are only produced by oak…