Best trees for maple syrup (how to identify and find)
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Best Trees For Maple Syrup (How To Identify And Find)

Tapping trees for maple syrup is a fun early spring activity. Many different kinds of trees can be tapped for maple syrup. In fact, any deciduous tree can be tapped for syrup. However, some trees produce better quality sap than others. Let’s go over the best trees to tap for delicious maple syrup! Some of…

Willows & weeping willow trees: 15 differences & similarities

Willows & Weeping Willow Trees: 15 Differences & Similarities

The gorgeous, delicate structure of willows may take you back to simpler times. All willows have a timeless quality about them. Willows grow in most places and tolerate numerous zones; you may even have one in your neighborhood and not know it! All weeping willows are willows, but not all willows are weeping. The weeping…

Do cherry blossom trees smell? 9 cherry blossom facts

Do Cherry Blossom Trees Smell? 9 Cherry Blossom Facts

One of the most incredible things about cherry trees is their blooms; you really don’t want to miss them! Cherry blossom trees bloom right at the beginning of spring with incredible shades of pink blooms. Did you know you can get arrested for picking cherry blossoms?  Cherry blossom trees typically have an incredibly short blooming…

12 fastest growing shade trees for small yards

12 Fastest Growing Shade Trees For Small Yards

Today we’re talking about the fastest growing shade trees for your small yard; whether you’re familiar with landscaping or not, we’ve got a list to transform your small, shady yard! In truth, there are several shade tree varieties that grow the fastest. The saucer magnolia, sweetbay magnolia, flowering dogwood, American redbud, emerald green arborvitae, paper…

10 pine needle and pine straw differences (plus uses)

10 Pine Needle And Pine Straw Differences (Plus Uses)

Today we’re talking about the differences and uses of pine straw and pine needles. Maybe you’ve seen pine straw used down south and wondered why they would be using pine needles? Well, we’ve got some interesting facts on pine needles and pine straw differences and uses that you may not have been aware of! In…

5 best soils for pine trees in containers (and how to use them)

5 Best Soils for Pine Trees in Containers (And How to Use Them)

In recent times, keeping trees and large plants in pots has been becoming more and more popular. On top of being decorative, they can make large plants more manageable, mobile, or even easier to water and fertilizer. With this comes the question, “what soils are best to use with my potted pine trees?”  In truth,…

5 best maple tree fertilizers (and how to use them)

5 Best Maple Tree Fertilizers (And How To Use Them)

Growing trees (especially maple trees) can be a difficult task, especially since many of them can encounter problems with things such as nutrients. As nutrient problems arise, you can often begin to see your tree slow down or grow weaker. With this arises the question, “What fertilizer is best for my maple tree?”  The best…

5 reasons why your pine tree isn’t growing (& how to fix)

5 Reasons Why Your Pine Tree Isn’t Growing (& How To Fix)

Growing a tree to full maturity is one of the hardest things to do. They are sensitive, they have lots of care requirements, and most of all, so many things that are out of your control can impact them, such as diseases or storms.  In truth, pine trees generally thrive in acidic, dry, and well-drained…