7 amazing ways oak trees help the environment

7 Amazing Ways Oak Trees Help The Environment

Although oak trees are steadfast, well-known, adaptable, and a great addition to any yard, they also serve a higher purpose. Oak trees help the environment on a daily, no- constant basis! In general, oak trees help the environment by providing habitats and nourishment to wildlife and help maintain a good quality of air by soaking…

4 reasons bark is falling off your oak tree: cause & solution

4 Reasons Bark Is Falling Off Your Oak Tree: Cause & Solution

When healthy, oak trees are sure to stand tall and strong. With beautiful foliage blooming in all directions, oak trees are known for their stability and sturdy barks. But sometimes, things happen, and there may be some bark falling off of your oak tree.  Generally, peeling bark is a sign of an unhealthy oak tree. However, if…

Trees that have acorns & what to do with them [picture guide]
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Trees That Have Acorns & What To Do With Them [Picture Guide]

Acorns are one of the most iconic nuts produced by a tree. They can be found almost anywhere in North America. If you’ve found an acorn, or maybe a whole bunch of them, you may be wondering which tree it came from and what you can do with it? Acorns are only produced by oak…

Tree moss in florida: why it happens and what to do

Tree Moss in Florida: Why it Happens and What To Do

Florida, the sunshine state and most southeastern state in the United States of America, has one of the most beautifully diverse plant lives. From flowers to shrubs to trees and all the in-betweens, Florida’s sunshine-rich climate has the perfect conditions for plants to thrive. Moreover, there is one common plant that occasionally takes over Florida trees;…

6 best places to plant an oak tree (and how to plant them)

6 Best Places to Plant an Oak Tree (and How to Plant Them)

Oak trees are a common species, especially in North America, and grow in many different regions. If you are looking to find the best locations to plant an oak tree, and how to go about doing that, this piece is for you.  Some species of oak trees can survive only in certain climate conditions, also…

3 best oak tree fertilizers (and how to use them)

3 Best Oak Tree Fertilizers (and How to Use Them)

Oak trees are truly breathtaking, with their wide-open canopies that spread across a landscape and with building-sized heights that tower over you; oak trees are just simply full of life. However, for them to be full of life and grow successfully, it’s important to know that oak trees sometimes need to be fertilized! In order for oak trees…

How long does it take to grow an oak tree? Full timeline

How Long Does It Take to Grow an Oak Tree? Full Timeline

Oak trees are long-lived, slow-growing trees that can provide shade for yourself and shelter to wildlife. If you’re thinking about planting a tree in your yard, an oak tree is a great choice, but how long will it take to grow? It takes oak trees 5 to 6 years to become completely self-sustainable. Even the…

12 reasons why you shouldn’t plant an oak tree

12 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Plant an Oak Tree

Oak trees are amazing – there’s no denying it. They are tall, they are abundant, and they instantly beautify every and any outdoor space. However, although they are a true national favorite, as much as we hate to say it – oak trees are not always the best tree to plant.  There are many reasons why you…