10 early symptoms of a dying oak tree: prevention guide

10 Early Symptoms of a Dying Oak Tree: Prevention Guide

There is nothing more beautiful than a healthy oak tree that’s standing tall and full. With its beautiful green foliage, and branches stretching far and wide into the sky, an oak tree is a true symbol of strength. However, sometimes our oaks aren’t doing so great – and there are some key symptoms of a…

9 best oak trees to plant – pros and cons of major types

9 Best Oak Trees to Plant – Pros and Cons of Major Types

As summertime rolls around and you’re thinking about updating your property, you may be considering planting a new tree that will grow into a cornerstone of your yard. Eventually, you’ll have shade, a place for the kids to climb, and a beautiful little sea of color in the fall. We can picture it now, and…

Oak tree vs maple tree: 4 major leaf and bark differences
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Oak Tree vs Maple Tree: 4 Major Leaf and Bark Differences

Oak trees and maple trees. What comes to mind when you hear these words? Maybe it is the sticky syrup that pairs perfectly with a pancake, or the acorns that squirrels love to snatch up. In general, oak and maple trees can be determined by their leaves. White oak tree leaves usually have a rounded…

How long do live oak trees live? Lifespan for all common types

How Long Do Live Oak Trees Live? Lifespan for All Common Types

Oak trees (Quercus spp.) are a common feature in folk stories, poetry, and songs for their noble stature, strength, and long lifespan. Compared to other plants, and even other trees, oaks are fairly slow-growing. Most oak species average 12-24 inches of growth each year, but this rate of growth varies widely among species, growth zones,…