8 ways to make your pine christmas tree last longer
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8 Ways To Make Your Pine Christmas Tree Last Longer

Christmas trees are arguably one of the most important Christmas decorations. They become the centerpiece around which timeless family traditions unfold. And since Christmas trees bring so much joy to a household, it makes sense that you’d want it to remain beautiful for as long as possible. But how can you get a freshly cut…

Here’s when to fertilize your maple tree (and how to do it)

Here’s When To Fertilize Your Maple Tree (And How To Do It)

Maple trees are known for their beautiful fall foliage and for providing shade in the backyard. This American icon is relatively easy to grow and care for, but choosing the right time to fertilize is important to your maple tree’s health! The best time to fertilize an established maple tree is in early spring before…

7 easiest fruit trees to grow indoors (& where to put them)

7 Easiest Fruit Trees To Grow Indoors (& Where To Put Them)

Let’s face it, we all love fresh fruit, and there’s hardly anything better than being able to pick some straight from your very own tree! Of course, there are a couple of barriers that often keep people from planting a fruit tree in their own backyard. The other common concern with growing your own fruit…

7 best apple tree fertilizers (and how often to use them)

7 Best Apple Tree Fertilizers (And How Often To Use Them)

Apple trees are an amazing addition to the yard that provide beautiful spring blossoms, summer shade, and fall fruit harvests. Whether you have an established apple tree or you’re thinking of planting one, you may be wondering what the best apple tree fertilizers are for your needs! The most important nutrients in apple tree fertilizers…

5 best places to plant sugar maple trees (and how to do it)

5 Best Places To Plant Sugar Maple Trees (And How To Do It)

Sugar maple trees are a staple in many yards, and with their seasonal color show and classic form, it’s no wonder. However, because of their popularity, they also tend to end up planted in less than ideal areas. Sugar maple trees grow their best when planted in well-drained, loamy, and sandy soil. Plant your sugar…

5 reasons why apple trees grow best in full sun

5 Reasons Why Apple Trees Grow Best In Full Sun

Do apple trees need full sun? Yes, indeed they do; to grow big, juicy, tasty apples, the tree needs plenty of sunlight. Not any sunlight will do though, if your climate is exceptionally hot, you may need to plant them where they receive cooler morning light. Without enough sunlight, apples can turn out bland, woody,…

Why you should always plant weeping willows near water

Why You Should Always Plant Weeping Willows Near Water

Weeping willows are trees that we can count among some of the most recognizable of all. Their cascading branches fill with delicate-looking leaves to provide an inviting shelter underneath. They’re a popular feature in many landscapes, especially those near water. Weeping willows do best planted near water. It’s not for aesthetic appeal, rather, it’s because…

Why pine needles make great mulch (& how to make your own! )

Why Pine Needles Make Great Mulch (& How To Make Your Own!)

Mulch doesn’t only make your landscape look uniform and neat, but it also comes with some added benefits. It keeps moisture in the soil, adds nutrients, prevents weeds, and helps with temperature control. You can easily create an attractive organic mulch using pine needles! This amazing natural mulch can withstand severe weather while keeping your…

11 best plants to plant under your tulip tree

11 Best Plants To Plant Under Your Tulip Tree

Also known as yellow poplar, tulip trees are a tall and visually grandiose tree, blooming each spring and creating a beautiful and fragrant addition to your yard and garden. Even better, their high boughs provide ample space for planting a shade-loving garden underneath. But just what are the best plants to plant under your favorite…