Here’s how long air plants can actually go without water

Here’s How Long Air Plants Can Actually Go Without Water

Air plants are becoming more and more popular in the household. They require no soil and little care, making them a hassle-free plant. However, if you’re going on vacation and need to leave your air plants behind, you may be wondering how long they can go without water? Most air plants will survive up to…

10 easy flowers you can grow in your van (gardening guide)

10 Easy Flowers You Can Grow In Your Van (Gardening Guide)

Van life isn’t for everyone, but for those who seek adventure, live in the moment, and don’t mind skipping shower day every once in a while, it’s the perfect lifestyle. There’s plenty of beauty to be seen in nature, but you can also bring beauty to the inside of your van by growing potted flowers. …

18 best plants you can grow in a van (and how to do it)
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18 Best Plants You Can Grow In A Van (And How To Do It)

To some, living in a van would be a nightmare – cramped spaces, no internet, and not enough basic comforts like a hot shower. To others, it’s the definition of freedom. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or someone who does vanlife full time, you may be wondering if you can grow plants in a van…

9 places air plants love to be planted (indoor and outdoor)

9 Places Air Plants Love To Be Planted (Indoor And Outdoor)

Air plants are definitely gaining popularity, especially among those born without a green thumb! These interesting plants do not need a pot or soil to grow, getting all their nutrients from the air. So, where exactly do you plant an air plant that doesn’t need soil? Indoors, air plants love to be planted near a…