5 reasons to cut down your ash tree (and when to do it)

5 Reasons To Cut Down Your Ash Tree (And When To Do It)

Ash trees are beautiful, and they are beneficial additions to most yards, streets, parks, and other areas outside their native forests. Ash trees in particular provide a great deal of shade, lovely green foliage, flowers in the spring, and yellow leaves in the fall. But sometimes there are factors that necessitate cutting down an ash…

Ash tree timeline: how long does it take to grow one?

Ash Tree Timeline: How Long Does It Take To Grow One?

If you have found yourself wishing for a tree that will grow fairly quickly, provide nice shade, and also produce some beautiful foliage in the spring and fall, you might find that the ash tree is the right fit for you! Ash trees can grow from seedling to mature tree quickly in the right conditions,…

Here’s the best time to plant ash trees (and how to do it)

Here’s The Best Time To Plant Ash Trees (And How To Do It)

When planting trees, different species have different requirements. You may expect to plant one tree in April but another, like an ash tree, may do best when planted in the autumn months, before the first frost of the winter. So, when is the best time to plant ash trees? You should plant your ash tree, starting…