10 most common places where cypress trees grow

10 Most Common Places Where Cypress Trees Grow

Naturally, cypress trees are one of nature’s most valuable trees. Furthermore – they have a plethora of uses and grow all across the United States! Cypress trees grow throughout the wetland ecosystems of the United States, most commonly along the Southern Coastlines. They can be found along the Atlantic Coast from Delaware to Florida, along…

16 trees that have blue leaves and needles (and why they’re blue)

16 Trees That Have Blue Leaves And Needles (And Why They’re Blue)

As you are probably quite aware, there are many varieties of trees- even within species themselves. If you are looking to get an overview of some species of trees with blue needles, and what genera of tree they fall under, this is the place for you! Coniferous evergreen trees are the most common trees to…

9 cypress wood uses (and why it’s so valuable + expensive) 

9 Cypress Wood Uses (And Why It’s So Valuable + Expensive) 

Cypress trees look like evergreens with their small needle-like leaves and round cones, but they are deciduous, meaning they lose their leaves in Autumn. Cypress trees have many uses and applications which make it cypress wood valuable and expensive compared to wood such as pine.  Milled cypress wood is naturally water-resistant, decay-resistant, and durable. These…

9 differences between bald cypress and pond cypress trees

9 Differences Between Bald Cypress And Pond Cypress Trees

If you’ve ever been to a swampy region of the southeastern United States, you’ve probably seen a bald cypress or pond cypress tree. They’re pretty unforgettable with their strange base of many root-like structures that appear to prop the rest of the tree above the water. The bald and pond cypress are closely related but…