7 most effective evergreen fertilizers (and how they work)

7 Most Effective Evergreen Fertilizers (And How They Work)

Evergreens keep our lawns interesting in the winter when their deciduous neighbors have dropped their leaves for the season. For this reason, you probably want to keep your evergreens happy and healthy, and fertilizers are one way to do that! The most effective evergreen fertilizers are high in nitrogen. This is the mineral most readily…

9 common citrus trees that are actually evergreens

9 Common Citrus Trees That Are Actually Evergreens

Citrus trees are often associated with warm, tropical climates like Florida, Hawaii, and California. In these areas, winter isn’t some cold, dark season where trees lose their leaves and go dormant. Most citrus trees are evergreens and keep producing fruits all year! Some of the most common citrus trees that are evergreens include orange, lime,…