Full juniper lifespan (here’s how long they last)

Full Juniper Lifespan (Here’s How Long They Last)

You’ve probably seen a juniper tree at some point in your life. They have tiny little blue berries and peeling bark, plus they smell amazing. If you’ve seen them, you know they usually grow in areas that get little water, especially if you’ve hiked in sandy or mountainous areas. Without needing much water, though, how…

Here’s how much water junipers really need (watering guide)

Here’s How Much Water Junipers Really Need (Watering Guide)

Have you ever seen those tiny little blueberry-looking things on evergreens? If so, you’ve seen junipers! I’m sure you have wondered at some point how much water they need, especially since they’re usually found in areas that lack rainfall. Whether you’re a new or experienced outdoor lover, you’ve probably seen junipers somewhere! Established junipers require…