Here’s how lemon trees can survive mild winters

Here’s How Lemon Trees Can Survive Mild Winters

During winter, many trees that are not cold hardy will have trouble in colder environments. However, mild winters may provide some room for tropical trees like citrus to survive. In that case, how exactly do lemon, and other citrus, trees survive these mild winters? Citrus trees are durable, and this includes lemon trees. A frost…

3 best lemon tree fertilizers (and how to use them)

3 Best Lemon Tree Fertilizers (And How To Use Them)

Lemon trees are an amazing addition to any yard where there’s plenty of sunshine and warm weather. Those fortunate enough to live where lemon trees grow may be surprised to learn that lemon trees need more than just sunshine and water. Lemon trees benefit from fertilizer, too! The best lemon tree fertilizers include citrus tree…