Maple tree timeline: how long it takes for full growth

Maple Tree Timeline: How Long It Takes For Full Growth

Maple trees come in several varieties and multiple sizes. They can grow quickly, or take a while to mature, but once they are grown, they can provide shade, shelter from the wind, and attract wildlife. Let’s explore how long it will take for a maple tree to grow. Some maple trees can take between 20…

11 best plants to plant under your maple tree
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11 Best Plants To Plant Under Your Maple Tree

Planting anything under a maple tree can present unique challenges. Many people who have tried their hand at landscaping under the thick, dry, dark canopy of big maple trees have only thrown their hands up in resignation. Maple trees have expansive roots that greedily seek any moisture and nutrients in the soil, leaving you wondering…

9 reasons to cut down your maple tree (and when to do it)

9 Reasons To Cut Down Your Maple Tree (And When To Do It)

While looking out your window you admire the beautiful maple trees out there and feel life is good. But then you take a closer look and realize you can’t trust those trees…they’re looking mighty shady. Jokes aside, sometimes you have to cut down maple trees, for one reason or another! You should cut down your…

9 best maple trees to plant – pros and cons of major types

9 Best Maple Trees To Plant – Pros And Cons Of Major Types

When looking to accent your landscape with trees, maples are often one of the top choices for homeowners. They come in many sizes, and their foliage can be stunning. Maple trees can create beautiful focal points, provide shade, and even increase property value, but what are the best maple trees to plant? Maple trees thrive…

4 maple trees that produce the most helicopter seeds

4 Maple Trees That Produce The Most Helicopter Seeds

You may have heard of whirlybirds, or maybe whirlygigs. Perhaps you know them as samaras, but helicopter seeds might just be the most common name for the fruit that falls from a maple tree. These flying seeds whirl to the ground in a beautiful spectacle, but how many maple trees produce them, you might ask?…

5 trees that produce maple syrup (and how to tap them)

5 Trees That Produce Maple Syrup (And How To Tap Them)

Maple syrup, molasses, treacle, pancake syrup; whatever you may refer to this product as maple syrup is a widely beloved addition to many dishes across North America. The sweet flavor is delicious without being too thick and sugary, making this a staple in many households. Maple syrup is made from the sap of a maple…