Full sugar maple tree growth timeline (how to grow it fast)

Full Sugar Maple Tree Growth Timeline (How To Grow It Fast)

The sugar maple is a very prolific and important tree in the United States. There are more sugar maple trees in the forests of the northeastern United States than any other species of hardwood tree! If you’re looking to grow a sugar maple, look no further, today we are sharing a full sugar maple growth…

8 fastest growing maple trees for your yard (growth chart)

8 Fastest Growing Maple Trees For Your Yard (Growth Chart)

Maple trees are some of the most popular landscape trees across the United States. This is because most of them put on bright colors in autumn, and they have attractive growth habits. If you’re thinking about planting them in your landscape, you may want to know how fast maple trees grow! Generally speaking, most maple…

9 reasons your maple tree leaves are turning brown

9 Reasons Your Maple Tree Leaves Are Turning Brown

You planted a maple tree in your landscape because of the shade it provides, and the beautiful fall colors. Possibly it was there when you bought the house, but now your maple’s leaves are turning brown. Assuming it’s not the autumn season, you want to know why the leaves have started turning that nasty shade…

Here’s when maple trees produce sap (and how much they produce)
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Here’s When Maple Trees Produce Sap (And How Much They Produce)

All maple trees produce sap, but usually when we’re talking about the maple that produces sap that eventually turns into syrup, we’re talking about the sugar maple (Acer Saccharum). Earning its name from the sweet sap it produces, the Sugar Maple is an American northeastern and Canadian native, and it’s so popular and pleasing to…

Here’s when to fertilize your maple tree (and how to do it)

Here’s When To Fertilize Your Maple Tree (And How To Do It)

Maple trees are known for their beautiful fall foliage and for providing shade in the backyard. This American icon is relatively easy to grow and care for, but choosing the right time to fertilize is important to your maple tree’s health! The best time to fertilize an established maple tree is in early spring before…

How to plant a maple tree in clay: 5 simple steps

How To Plant A Maple Tree In Clay: 5 Simple Steps

When planting a new tree of any variety, it’s important to understand how to meet its needs. This is crucial when your soil contains a substance like clay, which can present unique challenges. Maple trees can be grown in a variety of soil types, including clay. You can help your maple thrive by ensuring the…

Why maple trees need so much water (and when to water them)

Why Maple Trees Need So Much Water (And When To Water Them)

Maple trees are a classic tree in the United States, particularly in the northeast region. They are easy to grow, provide wonderful shade, and produce brilliant and beautiful fall foliage that is famous worldwide. Caring for a maple tree can be easy in the right environment, but if you do not live in the right…

How to get a japanese maple to thrive in full sun

How To Get A Japanese Maple To Thrive In Full Sun

Most gardeners and arborists recommend that Japanese maples be planted in what is often referred to as “dappled sunlight” or partial shade. Some recommendations even give different sunlight guidelines for parts of the country, such as full sun in some states and shade in others.   Japanese maple trees thrive best in partial shade –…