Full olive tree watering guide (indoor and outdoor)

Full Olive Tree Watering Guide (Indoor And Outdoor)

Somewhere on the small island of Crete lies a 2,000-year-old olive tree that survived the Pompeii volcanic eruption in AD79 and the fall of Rome AD64. Can you imagine the resilience required to survive a volcanic eruption!? Young or recently planted outside olive trees should be watered consistently to ensure the tree gets established. As…

5 reasons not to eat olives straight from the tree 

5 Reasons Not To Eat Olives Straight From The Tree 

You see olives lining the grocery shelves in glass jars, cans, and often several varieties arranged beautifully in the salad bar. But raw, unprocessed olives seem to be missing from the produce section. This seems to beg the question, can you eat a raw olive straight from the tree? You can eat an olive straight…