Why spruce trees love acidic soil (how to test yours! )

Why Spruce Trees Love Acidic Soil (How To Test Yours!)

Throughout the changing seasons, the spruce tree still displays an unchanged hue of green. Because of this, spruce trees make the perfect ornamental tree, Christmas tree, and backdrop to the Rocky Mountains no matter the season. Even when the last of the leaves finally drop, the needles of the evergreen spruce don’t miss a beat. …

Why your spruce tree is turning red (and how to fix it)

Why Your Spruce Tree Is Turning Red (And How To Fix It)

Spruce trees are known for their year-round color, as they are part of the evergreen family of trees. Although these hardy trees typically keep a varying shade of green every season, you may notice some needles beginning to turn red. Why do spruce trees turn red? The important thing to note is that it is…

How long it takes to season spruce wood (and how to do it)

How Long It Takes To Season Spruce Wood (And How To Do It)

If you have a fireplace or wood burning stove, you may want to cut your own wood and season it yourself. Plus, if you have plenty of spruce trees on your property, then you’re golden! Spruce wood is great wood for a fireplace or wood burning stove, but before you get started with seasoning it,…

9 tips for watering your spruce tree (and when to do it)

9 Tips For Watering Your Spruce Tree (And When To Do It)

With their tall pyramid shape and blue-green needles that stick around all year, spruce trees make for a lovely landscape piece. To keep your spruce tree happy and healthy, you’ll want to make sure you’re giving it enough water to avoid putting stress on the tree. Young and newly planted spruce trees require more water…

10 best spruce trees to plant (pros and cons of major types)

10 Best Spruce Trees To Plant (Pros And Cons Of Major Types)

When winter rolls around, spruce trees become the centerpiece of our yards with their green needles that stand out bright against the white snow. These cold-climate natives will make a great addition to your yard and with so many varieties, you’re sure to find a spruce tree that fits your needs. Some of the best…

8 reasons to cut down your spruce tree (and when to do it)

8 Reasons To Cut Down Your Spruce Tree (And When To Do It)

If you have any variety of spruce trees in your yard, you may have thought of cutting it down at one point or another. That’s okay, like many other trees, sometimes the maintenance gets to be too much or you have concerns. You aren’t alone in this consideration. Unsure of whether this is the right…

13 plants not to grow under a spruce tree
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13 Plants Not To Grow Under A Spruce Tree

Spruce trees are attractive ornamental trees that provide color year-round in our parks and yards. While they look just fine on their own, you may be considering planting under your spruce to make it pop with color in the spring and summer. Unfortunately, this is more difficult than it sounds! Plants that require high nutrients,…

8 best plants to plant under your spruce tree
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8 Best Plants To Plant Under Your Spruce Tree

Spruce trees are stately evergreen trees that can be a cornerstone of your yard. However, it can be difficult to landscape beneath these towering giants. But not impossible! There are plenty of shrubs and flowers that can thrive in the dappled shade of your spruce tree. The best plants to plant under your spruce tree…