Full sycamore tree timeline (growth rate explained)

Full Sycamore Tree Timeline (Growth Rate Explained)

The American Sycamore tree is one of the most popular deciduous shade trees in the Eastern United States. It’s a common choice for urban developers and new homeowners because it’s fast-growing, easy to care for, and great at rehabilitating less-than-ideal soils. In the right growing conditions, the American Sycamore growth rate is about 2 feet…

8 best plants to plant under your sycamore tree
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8 Best Plants To Plant Under Your Sycamore Tree

Sycamore trees are known for their fast growth, massive height, and huge leaves. This stately giant stands out all on its own, but a little landscaping beneath can make this tree the centerpiece of your yard! The best plants to plant under your sycamore tree will be those that are both shade- and drought tolerant…

4 reasons to cut down your sycamore tree (and when to do it)

4 Reasons To Cut Down Your Sycamore Tree (And When To Do It)

Sycamore trees provide shade on bright summer days, but these trees may cause more problems than they solve. However, sycamore trees might not be as harmless as you once thought. You may even need to cut down your sycamore tree. You should cut down your sycamore tree if it is too large, attracting pests, growing…