How long tree frogs actually live (and where to find them)

How Long Tree Frogs Actually Live (And Where To Find Them)

Tree frogs are a large family of frogs that can be found in tropical forests, near ponds, in backyards, and even in pet terrariums. Because tree frogs are such a large and diverse group of amphibians, there is a lot of variability in their lifespans and habitats.  On average, tree frogs live between 3-6 years….

7 ways to get rid of silkworms (tent caterpillars) for good

7 Ways To Get Rid of Silkworms (Tent Caterpillars) For Good

Have you ever noticed those big ugly webs in tree forks or at the end of tree branches? These untimely natural Halloween decorations appear in spring and tent worms, often referred to as silkworms, are the cause. If these nuisance caterpillars affect your trees, you will be happy to know there are ways to get…