9 differences between aspen and quaking aspen trees

9 Differences Between Aspen And Quaking Aspen Trees

When you think of an aspen tree, you are most likely thinking of a tall, white-barked, slender tree that has golden-yellow leaves in the fall. This is a Quaking Aspen. But did you know there is another, less-well-known aspen tree growing in North America? The quaking aspen and bigtooth aspen are the two types of…

11 plants to put under your aspen tree (& how to plant them)
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11 Plants To Put Under Your Aspen Tree (& How To Plant Them)

As you begin to plant and take care of your trees, it may become apparent that they look weak or even bare underneath. In most cases, this is often how it appears because the soil below is bare. With this comes the question, “What plants can I put under my aspen tree?”  Some of the…