6 best plants to plant under your birch tree

6 Best Plants To Plant Under Your Birch Tree

Typically found in the Northern Hemisphere, birch trees are ornamental tall, slender, and beautiful-looking trees that can add immense beauty to any landscape. One of the biggest reasons Birch trees are chosen as landscape trees you may ask? Well, they’re paper-thin and sometimes used for shredding bark! Birch trees are a great addition to your…

Here’s why birch trees are so messy (yard cleaning tips)

Here’s Why Birch Trees Are So Messy (Yard Cleaning Tips)

Birch trees are a very popular choice for landowners, especially since they make great ornamental trees. They can be quite messy, though, thanks to several natural traits that lead to some sticky situations. No worries, though, there are many solutions to keep your yard clean in the wake of a birch tree! Birch trees produce…

9 best places to plant a birch tree and where they grow best

9 Best Places To Plant A Birch Tree And Where They Grow Best

Though you may not know the names of many trees, most people can instantly recognize birch trees because of their distinctive beauty. But as an ornamental tree found in nurseries everywhere, can birch trees grow well in locations other than riverbanks?  The river birch grows along riverbanks naturally, but they actually can be planted nearly…

Here’s the best time to tap birch trees for sap 

Here’s The Best Time To Tap Birch Trees For Sap 

Birch trees are typically prized for their lovely, papery, peeling, oftentimes white bark, and lush green foliage. But the ornamental yard trees are starting to gain popularity with syrup makers and hobbyists alike because they are relatively easy to tap. If you are tapping birch trees for sap, you need to start before the buds…

Here’s how far birch tree roots spread (plus removal tips)

Here’s How Far Birch Tree Roots Spread (Plus Removal Tips)

You may recognize a birch tree from its characteristic peeling white and red bark when you’re out for a walk. Just how far do birch tree roots actually spread? Birch tree roots spread as far as the tree grows wide and create an intensive mat of roots 4-8 inches thick below the soil surface and…

Do all birch trees have white bark? Identification tips

Do All Birch Trees Have White Bark? Identification Tips

Birch trees are hardy and adaptive trees, making them a favorite among gardeners and landscapers. They aren’t giant trees, growing only to a small or medium height of up to 80 feet, and come in several different colors.   There are 18 species of birch trees in North America, with only several species having white…