7 best places to plant a cherry tree (and how to do it)

7 Best Places To Plant A Cherry Tree (And How To Do It)

Cherry trees make a great addition to any landscape. These hardy little trees offer shade, windbreaks, delicious fruit, and exceptional beauty. That said, you can’t simply plant a cherry tree wherever you like without considering a few factors first. So, where are the best places to plant a cherry tree? You can plant a cherry tree…

6 reasons why cherry trees grow best in full sun

6 Reasons Why Cherry Trees Grow Best In Full Sun

Cherry trees have amazing blooms and delicious fruit, making them an excellent choice to plant in the yard. When choosing a place to plant a cherry tree in your yard, it’s important to take into consideration how much sunlight the area gets, as cherry trees do best in full sun conditions. Cherry trees grow best…

7 simple steps to prune your flowering cherry tree

7 Simple Steps To Prune Your Flowering Cherry Tree

Is your flowering cherry tree looking like it woke up with a severe case of bed head? Well, it may be time to break out the pruning shears. What are the best ways to prune your flowering cherry tree? Properly pruning flowering cherry trees encourages flowering and fresh growth. It also removes dead branches and…

6 best fruit trees that have shallow roots: identification guide
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6 Best Fruit Trees That Have Shallow Roots: Identification Guide

In recent times, more and more people have been interested in being more self-sufficient and healthy with their food. In most cases, this means looking into types of fruit trees that are easy to grow and will produce lots of delicious food. In addition, most people also want to look for fruit trees that are easy…

Do cherry blossom trees smell? 9 cherry blossom facts

Do Cherry Blossom Trees Smell? 9 Cherry Blossom Facts

One of the most incredible things about cherry trees is their blooms; you really don’t want to miss them! Cherry blossom trees bloom right at the beginning of spring with incredible shades of pink blooms. Did you know you can get arrested for picking cherry blossoms?  Cherry blossom trees typically have an incredibly short blooming…