5 best places to plant an apple tree (and how to do it)

5 Best Places To Plant An Apple Tree (And How To Do It)

Apple trees are some of the best trees to plant near your home for several reasons. For instance, they have lovely leaves that change color in the fall and are usually very hardy trees that work well in several climates. And, of course, they produce delicious apples every year! If you want to plant an…

7 best apple tree fertilizers (and how often to use them)

7 Best Apple Tree Fertilizers (And How Often To Use Them)

Apple trees are an amazing addition to the yard that provide beautiful spring blossoms, summer shade, and fall fruit harvests. Whether you have an established apple tree or you’re thinking of planting one, you may be wondering what the best apple tree fertilizers are for your needs! The most important nutrients in apple tree fertilizers…

5 reasons why apple trees grow best in full sun

5 Reasons Why Apple Trees Grow Best In Full Sun

Do apple trees need full sun? Yes, indeed they do; to grow big, juicy, tasty apples, the tree needs plenty of sunlight. Not any sunlight will do though, if your climate is exceptionally hot, you may need to plant them where they receive cooler morning light. Without enough sunlight, apples can turn out bland, woody,…

10 easiest apple tree varieties to grow (simple growth tips)

10 Easiest Apple Tree Varieties To Grow (Simple Growth Tips)

Apple trees can be some of the best types of trees to grow. But with more than 2,000 types of apple trees in the United States, choosing a variety can be really difficult. Some of the easiest types of apple trees to grow include granny smith, red delicious, gala, golden delicious, cripps pink, braeburn, honeycrisp,…

Why your apple tree needs full sun (and where to plant it)

Why Your Apple Tree Needs Full Sun (And Where To Plant It)

Apple trees can make a wonderful addition to any yard or garden. They look great, they provide shade, and, perhaps most importantly, they grow delicious apples! If you have been thinking about planting an apple tree, you might have wondered whether you should plant it in a place with lots of sunlight or with some…

10 reasons to cut down your apple tree (and when to do it)

10 Reasons To Cut Down Your Apple Tree (And When To Do It)

Apple butter, applesauce, and apple pie are all fantastic reasons to have an apple tree in your yard. But what happens when your apple tree isn’t doing as well as expected? When is it time to cut it down and start over again? It’s time to cut down your apple tree if it’s damaged, attracting…

7 best plants to plant under your apple tree
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7 Best Plants To Plant Under Your Apple Tree

If you’ve planted a fruit tree in your yard, you’ve probably become passionate about its care. After all, there’s nothing quite like biting into a fresh apple after months of hard work maintaining the beautiful tree. After your apple tree blossoms, you may be wondering if there are any plants that you can grow under it…

Tree grafting during the winter? Follow these 9 simple steps

Tree Grafting During The Winter? Follow These 9 Simple Steps

Grafting a tree sounds like a difficult, labor-intensive, highly skilled endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be. It does require a little bit of knowledge along with a few specific tools, but it can be done if you follow a few simple steps. Grafting a tree also needs to be done in late winter, before…

6 best fruit trees that have shallow roots: identification guide
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6 Best Fruit Trees That Have Shallow Roots: Identification Guide

In recent times, more and more people have been interested in being more self-sufficient and healthy with their food. In most cases, this means looking into types of fruit trees that are easy to grow and will produce lots of delicious food. In addition, most people also want to look for fruit trees that are easy…

7 best fruit trees for rocky soil (and how to plant them)

7 Best Fruit Trees for Rocky Soil (And How to Plant Them)

Rocky soil can seem like a deterrent in growing fruit trees. But thankfully it doesn’t have to be. There are 7 very hardy, delicious fruit trees that you can grow in rocky soil, with no problem. You may be pleasantly surprised by the ones that made the list! Rocky soil can be a challenge for…