Why linden trees are so messy (and what to plant instead)

Why Linden Trees Are So Messy (And What To Plant Instead)

Linden trees are gorgeous, pyramidal-shaped, sap-filled trees that have been cultivated for centuries for their wood and flowers. But linden trees are notably messy! Despite popular belief, linden trees aren’t responsible for their mess, can you guess what is? Linden trees are so messy because of aphids! Linden flowers secrete a substance that attracts aphids,…

9 differences between basswood and linden trees
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9 Differences Between Basswood And Linden Trees

If you’ve ever heard basswood tree and linden tree being used interchangeably, you’re not alone. These trees are commonly misunderstood as being the same tree, but this just isn’t true. But what exactly is the difference between basswood and linden trees? The fundamental difference between basswood trees and linden trees is that basswood trees are…