Here’s when maple trees produce sap (and how much they produce)
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Here’s When Maple Trees Produce Sap (And How Much They Produce)

All maple trees produce sap, but usually when we’re talking about the maple that produces sap that eventually turns into syrup, we’re talking about the sugar maple (Acer Saccharum). Earning its name from the sweet sap it produces, the Sugar Maple is an American northeastern and Canadian native, and it’s so popular and pleasing to…

Best trees for maple syrup (how to identify and find)
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Best Trees For Maple Syrup (How To Identify And Find)

Tapping trees for maple syrup is a fun early spring activity. Many different kinds of trees can be tapped for maple syrup. In fact, any deciduous tree can be tapped for syrup. However, some trees produce better quality sap than others. Let’s go over the best trees to tap for delicious maple syrup! Some of…