How many leaves are on a full grown oak tree? Leaf math

How Many Leaves Are On A Full Grown Oak Tree? Leaf Math

When oaks trees are fully covered in leaves, you may wonder just how many leaves they have. They grow quite old, sometimes over 100 years easily and, some species over 1000. Let’s answer the question of how many leaves are on a full grown oak tree and more amazing facts.   A full grown oak tree…

9 best fallen oak tree uses (and what to do with them)

9 Best Fallen Oak Tree Uses (And What To Do With Them)

One of the most popular trees out there, oaks are a fixture throughout the many wooded areas of the world. It’s no wonder that these trees pop up so often, whether you see them as young trees beginning to grow in a developing neighborhood or as ancient beings with hundreds of years of life experiences…

How to grow an oak tree from an acorn (6 easy steps)

How To Grow An Oak Tree From An Acorn (6 Easy Steps)

The mighty oak tree has been a symbol of strength for centuries. If you think about the process an unassuming acorn takes to become a proud, strong, towering oak tree, it’s pretty impressive! You may just want to be planting one for yourself. Here’s how to grow an oak tree from an acorn: Gather your…

Moss on your oak tree: identification and removal guide

Moss on Your Oak Tree: Identification and Removal Guide

That extra green, drapey stuff hanging all over your oak trees, well, that’s moss. Although, based on personal preference, by something you like the look of or don’t, moss on your oak tree indeed doesn’t mean too much and usually doesn’t do much harm to your tree.  Moss is a nonvascular flowering plant, an epiphyte…

6 simple tips to prevent and remove oak tree fungus

6 Simple Tips To Prevent And Remove Oak Tree Fungus

There are a lot of things to love about oak trees. They are tall, beautiful, and very hardy. They can even house hundreds of different species of birds, insects, and other critters. Unfortunately, oak trees can also house many harmful or destructive varieties of fungi.  To prevent fungus from affecting your oak tree, apply mulch,…

Red oak vs. White oak tree growth rate & key differences

Red Oak vs. White Oak Tree Growth Rate & Key Differences

Red oak, white oak, which oak? Oak trees may all seem the same, but there are differences between them that are worth knowing of. Their growth rate, maximum size, bark and leaf color, and adaptability are some things to consider when planting an oak.  In truth, white oak trees have grey bark that tends to…

Oak tree struck by lightning? What happens & how to save it

Oak Tree Struck By Lightning? What Happens & How To Save It

Lightning striking your oak tree can be a rather interesting experience. When it happens and lightning actually does strike your oak tree, there are a few reasons why, and several things you can do in order to save your oak tree. Oak trees are taller than most trees and are more likely to get struck…

Best time to trim oak trees + trimming calendar and tips

Best Time To Trim Oak Trees + Trimming Calendar And Tips

Today we’re talking about the best time to trim oak trees. Did you know trimming oak trees at certain times can be detrimental to your tree? Oak trees respond best to trimming in the winter and early spring. Dates between October 1st and April 1st will usually provide optimal oak tree trimming conditions. This is…