10 silver oak tree uses (and what to do with yours)

10 Silver Oak Tree Uses (And What To Do With Yours)

A tall and stately tree, silver oaks can grow over 100 feet tall with a 30-foot spread of nice cool shade. They thrive in moderately dry, tropical climates such as Florida and California. But silver oak trees have more uses than just a pretty shade tree. Silver oak trees, also called silk, silky, and southern…

3 elm vs. Oak differences and which tree is harder 
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3 Elm Vs. Oak Differences And Which Tree Is Harder 

Oak and elm trees are both picturesque and can be found in landscapes all across the United States. If you’re choosing between an oak and an elm tree for landscaping or building material, it is important to know their distinctions so you can pick between the everlasting elm vs. oak differences. Elm trees grow taller,…