10 best firewoods to burn (and how long they last) 

10 Best Firewoods To Burn (And How Long They Last) 

When choosing and burning firewood there are multiple factors to include such as, where you are burning the wood, indoor, outdoor, in a fireplace, wood-burning stove, or campfire is it for looks and ambiance or heat. Which overall are the best firewoods to burn? Dense woods like hickory, ash, and oak burn longer because there…

10 slowest burning firewoods (and how long they last)

10 Slowest Burning Firewoods (And How Long They Last)

When you start a fire, whether it’s in a fireplace, campfire, or for your wood-burning stove, the last thing you want is to have to add more wood constantly because it burns up too fast. A wood burning fire should be relaxing, long-lasting, and provide plenty of heat. So, which are the slowest burning firewoods…

9 reasons why white oak is better firewood than red oak
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9 Reasons Why White Oak Is Better Firewood Than Red Oak

Grab your marshmallows – because there is nothing better than relaxing by a toasty fire. Whether it’s by a campfire or by a fireplace, sitting by a fire is a time to relax and unwind and embrace the cozy feeling that it brings. But there are some things that will make this fire moment the best…