5 best orange tree fertilizers (and how to use them)

5 Best Orange Tree Fertilizers (And How To Use Them)

All trees, especially fruit trees such as orange trees, require certain nutrients to grow big and strong. When those nutrients aren’t available, problems can and probably will arise. While nitrogen is the most important nutrient for orange tree growth, there are other nutrients your orange tree needs to produce amazing fruit. The best orange tree…

9 simple steps to pruning your orange tree (and when to do it)

9 Simple Steps To Pruning Your Orange Tree (And When To Do It)

Growing citrus trees is a process with its own challenges. However, you can prevent a lot of them by maintaining and pruning your orange tree properly! In general, it’s best to prune your orange tree either before the blossoms appear or before the fruit begins to show. You will need to take off suckers, damaged…

4 most common places where orange trees grow

4 Most Common Places Where Orange Trees Grow

Oranges are one of the most popular fruits in the world, and that’s no surprise because they’re great for many reasons. They’re deliciously juicy, great for snacking, and have fantastic health benefits! If you’re interested in growing your own oranges – we don’t blame you, we want to as well, there are some common places…