11 best plants to plant under your tulip tree

11 Best Plants To Plant Under Your Tulip Tree

Also known as yellow poplar, tulip trees are a tall and visually grandiose tree, blooming each spring and creating a beautiful and fragrant addition to your yard and garden. Even better, their high boughs provide ample space for planting a shade-loving garden underneath. But just what are the best plants to plant under your favorite…

Full tulip tree timeline (how long they take to grow)

Full Tulip Tree Timeline (How Long They Take To Grow)

A tulip tree (sometimes called a yellow poplar or tulip poplar) can make a tall and beautiful addition to any garden. With proper care, this towering tree can live for centuries, producing beautiful blooms year after year. But just what is a tulip tree timeline? A tulip tree’s life cycle has several stages. It starts…

Here’s why tulip trees are hardwoods and not softwoods

Here’s Why Tulip Trees Are Hardwoods And Not Softwoods

Tulip trees are beautiful, large trees, with gorgeous blooms. They are commonly referred to as yellow poplar and white wood trees. But there is some controversy on if tulip trees are hardwood or softwood trees. Tulip trees are hardwood trees because they have lobed shaped leaves and dry fruit. This leads tulip trees to being…