9 different animals and insects that live in trees

9 Different Animals And Insects That Live In Trees

As you probably are aware, trees can provide food, nice views, and shelter. If you’re wondering how the shelter comes into play, you may want to know about the kinds of critters living your trees.  Some of the most common animals and insects you will find living in trees are squirrels, geckos, raccoons, skunks, birds,…

7 easy ways to get rid of oakworms on your tree
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7 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Oakworms on Your Tree

There’s a good chance that if you have a beautiful oak tree in your back or front yard, you are not the only one enjoying it. Maintaining the health of your oak tree is always the most important, and sometimes that means getting rid of those unwanted guests, like oakworms! In truth, oakworms eat the newly sprouted…