10 fastest growing christmas trees (how to grow your own! )

10 Fastest Growing Christmas Trees (How To Grow Your Own!)

Let’s be honest, the artificial Christmas tree just doesn’t cut it anymore and that’s why you’re here. Although I couldn’t be more proud that you’ve decided to bring nature indoors this holiday, growing a Christmas tree takes time and an abundance of care. Evergreens used for Christmas trees can take anywhere from 5 to 12…

8 ways to make your pine christmas tree last longer
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8 Ways To Make Your Pine Christmas Tree Last Longer

Christmas trees are arguably one of the most important Christmas decorations. They become the centerpiece around which timeless family traditions unfold. And since Christmas trees bring so much joy to a household, it makes sense that you’d want it to remain beautiful for as long as possible. But how can you get a freshly cut…

Cashmere christmas tree: what is it and where do you get one?

Cashmere Christmas Tree: What Is It And Where Do You Get One?

Every year the Christmas holidays seem to sneak upon us. We vow that next year will be different but Thanksgiving occurs and the next thing you know, the race is on. Every year, millions of real trees are purchased by eager shoppers. But, how would you like to have a cashmere Christmas tree that looks…

Here’s why you should spray your christmas tree with water

Here’s Why You Should Spray Your Christmas Tree With Water

No matter how good they look, artificial Christmas trees just don’t capture the same type of Christmas spirit as a live tree. The festive event of either chopping one down in the forest or picking one from a Christmas tree lot is often an event the whole family looks forward to all year long. But…