10 tallest pine tree varieties (and how tall they grow)

10 Tallest Pine Tree Varieties (And How Tall They Grow)

When people think about pine trees, many will automatically associate these trees with conifer trees. In actuality, this shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise because pines are the largest family of conifers! Pine trees (Pinus) are most commonly found in the northern hemisphere and these trees have over one hundred different species. In…

8 ways to make your pine christmas tree last longer
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8 Ways To Make Your Pine Christmas Tree Last Longer

Christmas trees are arguably one of the most important Christmas decorations. They become the centerpiece around which timeless family traditions unfold. And since Christmas trees bring so much joy to a household, it makes sense that you’d want it to remain beautiful for as long as possible. But how can you get a freshly cut…

Why pine needles make great mulch (& how to make your own! )

Why Pine Needles Make Great Mulch (& How To Make Your Own!)

Mulch doesn’t only make your landscape look uniform and neat, but it also comes with some added benefits. It keeps moisture in the soil, adds nutrients, prevents weeds, and helps with temperature control. You can easily create an attractive organic mulch using pine needles! This amazing natural mulch can withstand severe weather while keeping your…

How much sunlight do pine trees need? 5 planting tips!

How Much Sunlight Do Pine Trees Need? 5 Planting Tips!

On account of both their longevity and the wide variety of species there are to choose from, pine trees are a popular landscaping choice for many homeowners. They’re useful for not only adding shade and windbreaks, but can also help the local ecosystem by adding food and shelter for wild birds and small mammals. That…

4 reasons to water your pine tree during the winter

4 Reasons To Water Your Pine Tree During The Winter

Pine trees are a beauty in any landscape and any season. They’re also evergreens, which means you can count on some natural color year round, whether you’re in the height of summer or the peak of winter. While they’re known for being fairly hardy trees, pine trees still need some special care, especially in the…

Full pine tree timeline (how long they take to grow)

Full Pine Tree Timeline (How Long They Take To Grow)

Pine trees are a classic North American plant that even those unfamiliar with tree names, one can quickly identify. Pines hold a special place in our hearts due to family time spent decorating the Christmas tree and summertime campouts in the mountains. Why wouldn’t you want to grow one of your very own? Pine trees…