14 dirtiest & messiest trees to not plant in your yard
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14 Dirtiest & Messiest Trees To Not Plant In Your Yard

Chances are, you do not enjoy raking your yard (who does?) So when planning your landscaping, research trees that produce a lower mess. Trees that produce less mess are important for you as you will not be raking, cleaning pollen off your car, or cleaning your gutters often. In truth, the dirtiest and messiest trees…

4 reasons why squirrels eat acorns (& their favorite type)

4 Reasons Why Squirrels Eat Acorns (& Their Favorite Type)

Acorns and squirrels just seem to go together, but do you know much about acorns themselves? There are a few good reasons that squirrels eat these particular nuts, and they even have a specific way to eat them. Acorns are a great source of nutrients for both red and grey squirrels. Many squirrels prefer white…