8 most common places where willow trees grow

8 Most Common Places Where Willow Trees Grow

Willow trees, particularly weeping willows, are iconic trees for anyone who lives near water. These large trees have unique leaves and drooping branches, making them a popular choice for anyone looking to make their yard stand out. But where do willow trees grow? Willow trees were originally native to parts of Central Asia and later to…

8 best plants to plant under your willow tree
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8 Best Plants To Plant Under Your Willow Tree

Depending on who you ask, willow trees can be polarizing; while some gardeners love them, others curse these trees for being difficult to keep alive, water-seeking plants of misery. Whether you love willows or you hate them, one thing is certain: it’s difficult to grow plants under their canopy. You can do it though if…

15 reasons to cut down your willow tree (and when to do it)

15 Reasons To Cut Down Your Willow Tree (And When To Do It)

A tree is a remarkable thing— what kind of person would ever want to cut one down? Sadly, real life is a bit more complicated than The Lorax makes it seem. Eventually, trees must come down, especially if it’s looking like it will do so on it’s own. Your willow tree is no exception. If your willow tree is…

13 plants not to grow under a willow tree
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13 Plants Not To Grow Under A Willow Tree

Willow trees make an excellent addition to the landscape. Their wispy branches and narrow leaves make them attractive yard trees. If you’re thinking about planting something under your willow tree, you may wonder what will and will not grow under a willow tree. Plants that should not be planted under a willow tree include cotoneaster, mums, asparagus,…

12 trees that can grow in the desert (and how they do it)
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12 Trees That Can Grow In The Desert (And How They Do It)

When deciding which tree to grow, you want to think about what might fit best in your environment. For example, if you live in the desert, you’ll want to think about trees that can grow in the desert. Which trees might grow best in a dry environment? Can trees grow in deserts? Trees that grow…

Top 5 trees most likely to get struck by lightning
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Top 5 Trees Most Likely to Get Struck by Lightning

Lightning stuns us into silence. It is a powerful force of nature that can have different effects on the environment. It can provide nitrogen for the soil, and it can shatter trees into splintery pieces. So, which trees are most likely to get struck by lightning? In truth, tall trees like pine and oak trees…

14 dirtiest & messiest trees to not plant in your yard
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14 Dirtiest & Messiest Trees To Not Plant In Your Yard

Chances are, you do not enjoy raking your yard (who does?) So when planning your landscaping, research trees that produce a lower mess. Trees that produce less mess are important for you as you will not be raking, cleaning pollen off your car, or cleaning your gutters often. In truth, the dirtiest and messiest trees…

Willows & weeping willow trees: 15 differences & similarities

Willows & Weeping Willow Trees: 15 Differences & Similarities

The gorgeous, delicate structure of willows may take you back to simpler times. All willows have a timeless quality about them. Willows grow in most places and tolerate numerous zones; you may even have one in your neighborhood and not know it! All weeping willows are willows, but not all willows are weeping. The weeping…