14 best plants to plant under your pine tree
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14 Best Plants To Plant Under Your Pine Tree

It can be difficult to downright impossible to grow certain plants under the canopy of pine trees. Grasses struggle and end up wilting away, plants look sickly and fade to dried-up husks of regret, so is there anything you can plant under pine trees?  Pine trees have many roots that compete fiercely for water and…

Here’s how evergreens grow during the winter and year-round

Here’s How Evergreens Grow During The Winter And Year-Round

Winter is the season when just about everything shuts down. Pools are closing, outdoor sports are done, and trees lose their leaves and go dormant for the winter. But evergreens do not lose their leaves in the fall, so how do they grow year round and during the winter? Evergreens will grow during the winter…

5 best spruce tree fertilizers (and how to use them)

5 Best Spruce Tree Fertilizers (And How to Use Them)

As winter rolls around and you see trees have lost their leaves, evergreens may seem better than ever. If you have a spruce tree, keeping it looking great and staying healthy might just be a priority for you. That is where fertilizer comes in. The best spruce tree fertilizer is a high nitrogen fertilizer with…

What to do with pine trees? 21 pine wood uses

What To Do With Pine Trees? 21 Pine Wood Uses

Pine trees are one of the most absolutely beautiful wonders of nature on the planet. Even better, they grow quite well in many environments and are readily available for many uses. The wood has properties allowing it to be resistant to elements often found within nature.! Pine trees are fantastic growing trees in the spruce…

6 simple steps to make your blue spruce tree more blue

6 Simple Steps To Make Your Blue Spruce Tree More Blue

Blue spruce trees are beautiful evergreen trees with a tint of blue to their needles. Some trees look bluer than others which is the result of primarily tree maintenance and fertilizer. What steps can you take to make your blue spruce look more vibrant and blue?  In general, positioning your blue spruce in full sun…

Top 5 trees most likely to get struck by lightning
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Top 5 Trees Most Likely to Get Struck by Lightning

Lightning stuns us into silence. It is a powerful force of nature that can have different effects on the environment. It can provide nitrogen for the soil, and it can shatter trees into splintery pieces. So, which trees are most likely to get struck by lightning? In truth, tall trees like pine and oak trees…

10 pine needle and pine straw differences (plus uses)

10 Pine Needle And Pine Straw Differences (Plus Uses)

Today we’re talking about the differences and uses of pine straw and pine needles. Maybe you’ve seen pine straw used down south and wondered why they would be using pine needles? Well, we’ve got some interesting facts on pine needles and pine straw differences and uses that you may not have been aware of! In…