How and why mangroves can grow in freshwater

How And Why Mangroves Can Grow In Freshwater

Mangrove trees are a species of trees specially adapted to salty, marine environments where no other trees can survive. They grow in tropical and sub-tropical environments along coastlines around the globe. Mangrove trees are the only trees that can survive in harsh saline water, but why can mangroves also grow in freshwater? Mangrove trees aren’t…

Mangrove trees: how and what they actually eat

Mangrove Trees: How And What They Actually Eat

Mangroves grow along intertidal and coastal waterways as you may have seen them sticking out of the water along the coast. They look like thick-leaved trees on stilts as the tide rushes in around them. Living in the salty water as they do, you’ve probably wondered, do mangrove trees eat anything to stay nourished? Mangrove…

6 most common places to find mangrove trees

6 Most Common Places to Find Mangrove Trees

Mangrove trees are a specialized type of tropical tree that grows partially submerged, often in saltwater marshes. Mangrove trees are the only species that can tolerate the high salinity of oceans and seas. So they must love water, but where are some of the most common places to find mangrove trees? Mangrove trees and shrubs…